Past Events

January 26, 2023 New Year's Party + Estate Planning Outlook for 2023
Advisor Roundtable
November 3, 2022 Educational Series - Understanding Foundations, DAFs and Other Forms of Philanthropy - Donald W. Kramer, Esq. Keynote Speaker
Donald W. Kramer, Esp. - Keynote
September 20, 2022 Dynamic Dinner Series
May 26, 2022 Organizational Meeting & Dinner with Intergenerational Wealth Transfer Guest Speaker
Maria Quinn, National Speaker and Senior Member of the Thought Leadership Team in the Vanguard Financial Advisor Group
December 9, 2021 Holiday Celebration
October 20, 2021 Relaunch Reception for EPC of NEPA
May 27, 2014 Election of Officers
Ray Pilch
February 25, 2014 Federal and State Implications of DOMA and the recent rule changes
Kirby Upright, Frances Ferrari, Richard Eckersley
November 13, 2013 ACA Update – Overview and Implications for Employers and Individuals
Roger G. Howell
May 22, 2013 Estate and Trust Tax Issues
March 26, 2013 Recent IRS Developments
John Darazsdi
February 26, 2013 Real Estate Taxes - Qualifying For and Losing Reductions
Ronald Koldjeski
November 14, 2012 Identity Theft
Agent Nick Woolsey, PA Office of Attorney General
October 17, 2012 Elder Care Planning
Ray Pilch, VP and Program Chair
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