The purpose of the Council shall be:

  1. To foster intelligent cooperation and a cordial understanding among the members as to the proper relationship among the functions of the various professionals in the field of estate planning;
  2. To assist its members in keeping abreast of laws and conditions affecting business and personal taxation and the problems of estate accumulation and conservation so as to improve the knowledge of each member within his or her sphere; and with these objectives; and
  3. To encourage its members to have as their ultimate goal the rendering of the best professional service to the public.

EPC of Northeastern Pennsylvania is affiliated with the National Association of Estate Planners & Councils and joining can fulfill the requirement of belonging to an affiliated local estate planning council to become an Accredited Estate Planner® (AEP®) designee. Please contact the national office at 866-226-2224 to learn more about the Accredited Estate Planner® designation.